Keratin Treatments

Salon Sima is dedicated to using the highest quality, most effective, products and ingredients. Our hair smoothing, texture improving system, the Prevana Smoothing System or Perfection Smooth Out, uses natural amino acids to change and improve the texture of your hair. It is used to reduce volume and frizz. It can be used on all hair types; coarse, fine, kinky, curly, bleached, color treated, and chemically treated. It can even be used the SAME DAY as a coloring service, because of the integrity of the ingredients.

Who is this treatment for? If you struggle with the natural texture of your hair, frizz, curls, uneven texture pattern, cowlicks, or excessive drying/styling time, this treatment could be for you. Another benefit of this treatment is not “down” time. You can use clips, hair ties, and shampoo, the same day of your service.

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