There is a beautiful trend in hair color of natural-looking, sun-kissed, light streaks through the hair. It’s reminiscent of childhood, spending summers outside with friends, a very youthful, natural look.

Many clients call our salon to inquire about balayage. Here’s what you need to know:

Balayage is a Technique. It is NOT a style or a “look”. It is a method of highlighting using free-form wisping, or painting, of the hair strands. Traditional highlighting using foils produces a very precision look of lightened/darkened streaks, or pieces. Balayage produces a more natural lightened look, and will not give you a “bright”, or dramatic blonde all over look. The Balayage technique can also be used to paint darker pieces through the hair shaft, if you feel your color has become too solid/non-dimensional toward the ends.

There is also a big difference between ombre hair and balayage hair. Ombre is a dramatic transition from light to dark, and should ONLY be done by a professional! Ombre is definitely for the bolder, braver client! Balyage technique is for the client looking for something subtle, NOT dramatic dark to light transition.

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