This amazing keratin treatment offered at our hair salon in Boca Raton FL will eliminate fizzy hair and repair damaged hair. BioNaza contains human hair Keratin and will give your hair incredible shine while leaving it straight or wavy, healthy and shinning for up to three months.

• Reconstructs Hair • Removes Frizz • Reduces Volume • Repairs, Moisturizes

Are all keratin treatments the same?
No, the best products are based on nanomolecules of keratin (the size of human hair). The nanomolecules of keratin, because of its molecular size, penetrate deeply into the core of the hair. The animal, vegetable or synthetic keratin does not offer the ideal size of molecule and does not show the same results. These products are much cheaper and should be applied and sealed in a different manner, therefore it takes considerably longer.

How long does it take to complete the treatment?
The BioNaza Brazilian Keratin Treatment offered at our hair salon in Boca Raton takes between 60 and 90 minutes to complete the treatment.

Is the BioNaza Brazilian Keratin System a relaxer?
No, it is a keratin-based treatment that naturally helps straighten the hair and make it more manageable.

Does BioNaza offer a formaldehyde free formula?
Yes, Diamond Keratin is formaldehyde free.

brazilian keratin treatment

When re-applying the treatment should it be applied to the whole head or just on the new hair growth?
It should be applied to the entire head, and you will not have to worry about any damage to your hair. In fact, the accumulation of keratin helps improve the texture of your hair. We recommend that you refresh the treatment every four to six weeks to keep the hair looking like the first day.

When can I wash my hair post treatment?
Unlike other keratin treatments, there is no processing time so your hair can be washed on the same day of application.

Can this Keratin Treatment be used on someone with a permanent wave or chemically-treated hair?
Yes, BioNaza Brazilian Keratin System is gentle enough to be used with any hair treatment on the market.

Can I apply color and/or highlights the same day of the treatment?
Yes, the BioNaza Brazilian Keratin System can be safely used on the same day after hair coloring and highlights. For best results, we recommend that you have your hair colored before your keratin application.

What if I want a hair without frizz, but soft and with natural waves?
Certain application techniques and the variety of products will allow us to customize your results. BioNaza works with your stylist and offers variety and flexibility to suit your needs.

What shampoo and conditioner should be used after the treatment in order to prolong its effects?
We strongly recommend using Shampoos and Conditioners that are sodium and sulfate free and contain a substantial amount of nanomolecules of keratin to help prolong the effect of the BioNaza Keratin System. The experts stylists at our Boca Raton hair salon will be happy to assist you with right products to prolong the results of your treatment. Call us and set your appointment (561) 395-1344 .

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