Hair Extension Options

Fusion: We utilize Great Lengths for our fusion hair extensions services. Fusion or hot fusion extensions are a versatile style option and a discreet way to enhance your look. The term fusion means that the hair extension is pre-tipped with a keratin protein adhesive and then applied by use of a hot hair extension iron. The heat from a hair extension iron is very low, less than that of a flat iron. The point of attachment for the hair extension is small, making them practically invisible, which will give you the confidence to rock any style. Applying fusion hair extensions can take several hours to apply (one hour per bundle), but the keratin is very strong, so your hair will look gorgeous for 2-4 months. Keep in mind that fusion hair extensions do require professional removal, in order to maintain the health of your hair.

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Micro Link: We utilize Cinderella Hair Extensions for our micro link services. Micro Link Hair Extensions are applied by looping the extensions strand by strand with the help of tiny plastic beads, which are perfectly matched to your natural hair color. Your natural hair is threaded through each individual bead, and then the rings are gently tightened together with the hair extension. The micro link installation time varies depending upon the length and fullness you desire, but are fabulous for a girl on the go, because they are easy to apply and remove. One advantage to this technique is that micro link hair extensions do no require any heat, so that you can avoid any damage to your natural hair. Typically, micro link hair extensions last for a couple of months.

Weft Hair Extensions: Weft Hair Extensions are one of the most time-efficient methods of extension application and are often the preferred extension type for clients who prefer to regularly change up their style. Rather than adding individual hair extensions strand by strand, a weft of hair is customized to your scalp and applied horizontally in strips against your head. Weft hair extensions are secured using micro beads that are attached along the length of the weft. This is a wonderful way to add extra length and volume to your hair, while maintaining a natural look. The time needed for applying weft hair extensions varies depending on the amount of hair needed to achieve the overall look you desire. Every four weeks or so, you will need to schedule a return visit to the salon for adjusting and maintaining the hair extension attachment.

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Tape-In Extensions: Tape-In Skin Hair Extensions, another form of wefted hair extensions, are popular with clients who prefer to skip methods that require sewing or fusion. Rather than using sewn-in micro beads, the hair weft is easily attached using adhesive tape. The best part: you will be able to wear your hair which ever way you choose without any worry! Skin wefts have the advantage of being invisible without seams, and they lie flat to blend with your scalp, giving a very natural look without bumps. This method is suitable for all hair types and adds volume and length in a quick and easy session. You can enjoy tape-in hair extensions for 2-3 months, before you need to return to the salon to have the extensions reapplied. The application time is about a half an hour per bundle.

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